What We Do

KCM is a national transportation practice that encompasses a spectrum of litigation and commercial matters arising from the movement of freight.  KCM represents railroads, motor carriers, and logistics companies in connection with commercial transportation litigation and contracting, and is one of the most respected transportation law practices in the country. While we focus on transportation related litigation, within that category our work is diverse.  For example, we may be representing our clients' interests in connection with a derailment in Indiana, a demurrage dispute in Virginia, a high value freight loss in New Jersey, a bridge strike in Illinois, a contract dispute in Texas, or pursing a fraud claim in New York. 

KCM is a legal industry leader in the areas it focuses on, and this leadership is reflected in our work product resulting in dozens of reported U.S. District Courts and U.S. Courts of Appeal rulings. 


Our Experience

KCM attorneys are uniquely skilled and experienced serving as plaintiff's attorneys on behalf of corporate clients. Our attorneys aggressively and creatively seek recoveries on behalf of our transportation clients in areas including freight /demurrage collections, contract/tariff disputes with customers and disputes with vendors. KCM has recovered tens of millions in damage to transportation infrastructure caused by accidents, derailments or even barge impacts with bridges. KCM relies on an established network of experts in areas ranging from metallurgy to geotechnical to forensic accounting. Because KCM attorneys have been representing transportation interests for decades, we are familiar with the relevant terminology, relevant people/departments to secure necessary information to support both the liability and damages components of a case, and are able to identify types of available damages. This experience leads to higher recoveries for our clients.


Why Us?

  • We Offer Value - We offer the best work product in the transportation industry, for the most reasonable rates. 
  • We Are Business-Minded - Our attorneys recognize that understanding our clients' operations and business goals is essential. We are not only responsive to the general counsel who may engage our firm, but also to the internal clients within our clients’ organizations.
  • We Get Results - We secure favorable outcomes for our clients in jurisdictions across the country from federal trial courts to bankruptcy courts to appellate courts. Part of our success is that we are uniquely able to educate judges and juries on the nuances of transportation drawing upon the decades of experience we bring to each case.
  • We Are Respected - When we enter our appearance in a case involving transportation related litigation, adverse counsel know that settlement may be the best path forward rather than an expensive litigation battle which they may lose.  The publishers of ALM's Corporate Counsel® magazine, the nation's leading magazine for general counsel and in-house attorneys at corporations across the country, has named Keenan Cohen & Merrick P.C. a "Go-To Law Firm" in its reference guide to in-house law departments at the nation's top 500 companies (based on revenue). According to Corporate Counsel, less than one half of 1% of all the law firms in the U.S. and abroad are included in its "Go-To Law Firm" list.  

Why Use KCM For Recovery of Damage to Property Nationally

alternative fee structures

In order to manage client expenses, maximize efficiency, and ensure that KCM’s interests are fully aligned with our clients’ interests. KCM regularly implements fee arrangements based on agreed measures of value rather than on the billable hour.  While hourly billing certainly remains an available option, in certain collection / expenditure recovery / subrogation matters KCM offers alternate fee structures such as:

  • partial contingency fee / partial hourly fee 
  • partial contingency fee / partial flat fee
  • flat fee for handling all collections / recovery work
  • full contingency fee

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